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Our Mission


To advocate the importance of receiving an education by inspiring and encouraging underprivileged high school students who have achieved academic excellence, by rewarding them for their perseverance and determination despite their circumstances.

Our Communities


High school students living in low-income families drop out of school at SIX times the rate of their peers from high-income families.

High school dropouts are more likely to rely on government aid, to have worse health & shorter lives. 

Dropouts are EIGHT times more likely to end up in the criminal justice system.

Our Team


Founded by Tamika Blaize-Stanley, A Princess for a Day, is truly a labor of love. Our dedicated board members, La Wanda aka "LB"  (pictured), Shaquana, and Tamika, who also runs the day to day operations, pull off our tea parties, fundraisers, and the magical proms with ticket sales, donations from friends and family, and money from their own pockets.


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