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Princess Dennique

Princess Dennique was the salutorian at of her graduacting class at The School for Human Rights in Brooklyn, NY. Dennnique took AP english and biololgy  classes at Brooklyn college and volunteered. in her spare time. Dennique and her family were recently uprooted by some unfortunate circumstances and lost almost everything they had. They were beyond grateful for this experience. 

Princess Alicia & Queen Latifah

Princess Alicia was the very first student we honored! Alicia's gorgeous gown was donated by the phenomenal Oscar Nominated actress, singer, Grammy winning rapper, and philanthropist Queen Latifah! Alicia was the Valedictorian at Brooklyn Collegiate in Brooklyn, NY. While maintaining a 90 average, Alicia was a member of the school choir and the drama club, she tutored her peers for the NYS Global Regents exams, she was the senior class Vice President, and a play she wrote was produced by the New School for Drama in NYC.

Princess Katherine & Lisa Raye

Princess Katherine was an extraordinary student who received the Bill and Melinda Gates Millennium Scholarship which covers both her undergraduate and her Masters degrees. Without APFAD, Katherine's family says she would not have been able to attend prom because it was too expensive.

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Princess Loretta & Kimora Lee

Princess Loretta was the Valedictorian of her graduating class at By. Loretta immigrated to New York as a child. English was not her first language, but she mastered it and was an excellent student. The dress she wore to prom was donated by the one and only media mogul Kimora Lee!

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Princess Arryana & Paula Patton

Princess Aryanna competed against her best friend, Princess Gabriela, for the top spot of Valedictorian of her senior class at South Bronx

​ Preparatory. Aryanna's spectacular dress was donated by actress

Paula Patton who wore the dress to the red carpet premiere of her movie 

"Hitch" which she starred in with Will Smith.   

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Princess Samantha & Chelsea Handler

Princess Samantha made national news when she became a semi-finalist in the Intel Science competition while living in a homeless shelter! President Barack Obama then invited Samantha, who is from Brentwood, LI, to participate in the White House Science Fair. Samantha's lovely gown was worn and donated by the uber talented Chelsea Handler. 

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Princess Sherri & Fergie

Sherri (left) was among the top six students in her graduating class at Frederick Douglas Academy in the East New York section of Brooklyn.  During her senior year her mom lost her job and if Sherri wasn't selected to be honored by APFAD, the senior advisors at her school were going to pay for her prom. The senior advisors  we were going to raise funds for her and a few other kids. Sherri wore a fun and fabulous dress from Grammy winning singer of the Black Eyed Peas Fergie!

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Princess Iraida & Charlize Theron

Iraida (right) was the Valedictorian of her graduating class at Juan Morel Campos Secondary Schoo in Williamsburg, Brooklyn! Iraida’s list of clubs, organizations, community services, and honors is endless! A member of the yearbook committee, the charity choir, an ambassador with the College Bound Initiative, & she volunteered with the college office. In 2010 the school was on NYC Department of Education’s list of potential closures due to low performance. The four year graduation rate for 2010 was 45.6%. The six year graduation rate is 76%. Iraida’s family overcame a tragedy a few years ago that brought the family closer together.

Oscar winning actress and philanthropist Charlize Theron does not keep her red carpet dresses, but she wanted  to support our program so she purchased not one, but TWO dresses for our honorees. Iraida was one of those students.  

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Princess Bianca & Charlize Theron

Every year we try to include a student who has battled cancer. Bianca had ovarian cancer when she was 11 years old. Bianca is a fantastic singer. When she sang at our tea party dress selection event everyone got goosebumps. Bianca received a full scholarship to Berkeley school of music in Boston, but she attended New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in NY because her mother didn't want her too far away. Bianca's dress was also paid for by the amazing  actress Charlize Theron.  

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